User Defined Override for location api (RTLS)

We use RTLS as part of our services with customers - however on in particular needs this turning off on a specific CNPilot AP. Usually we do changes via variables in the WLAN GROUP user overrides section.

This works well for SSID changes etc… at an AP level, but I cannot get the service to work can anyone spot my flaw?
Original Line:
location-api server

Override line (meant to allow the URL to be changed for one AP only)


However, this removes the location-api entries entirely. The issue might be the “server” parameter (as this service has 3 parameters) but I thought defining it as above would allow the override to be placed for the AP that is to be treated differently in the group.


Try the following instead. Everything within the curly brackets is replaced so you need the part that you don’t want replaced/overridden outside of the curly brackets.

location-api server ${LOCATION_API=}

This will send the below by default but allows you to change the URL with the “LOCATION_API” replacement variable to a different URL for individual APs.

location-api server