User-Defined Overrides for switch groups in cnMaestro

It would be extremely helpful to add in an override section to the switch groups, similar to what is available on WiFi AP groups.

With the current switch group functionality if I reset a switch I have no way to automatically add in the cnMaestro URL to the switches config for it to restore during an auto-sync. In order to connect back to cnMaestro on-prem is to use dhcp options on the management vlan to call back to cnmaestro, or to manually push a switch template from cnMaestro for the URL statement.

If we could get an override section to the switch group configuration that would eliminate the need to push the URL statement manually while also allowing cnMatrix switches to be deployed/reset in the field without fear of losing their static IP info or the connection back to cnMaestro.

This is kind of an ugly hack, but if you run your own internal DNS servers… you could override “” to point to your internal cnMaestro instance?

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Great idea Braden! I ended up doing that after making the post. Luckily we now have overrides in switch groups, but this is still a good backup method to have set either way.