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Hi Cambium team !

When can we expect in cnMaestro statistics of Wi-Fi users per cnPilot AP sorted by date and time (example: 30 days user statistics sorted by day)?
It would be great if cnMaestro could generate report of users per cnPilot AP. This is what would be great for our customers.

Thank you in advance

Here is what is available now, and I realize it may not meet what you are asing for.

For an individual access point, you can ger 7 day history of wireless clients connected by going to that device's "Dashboard" screen.

cnMaestro - Google Chrome 2015-10-21 01.32.32.png

At the "Network" level, we currently don't have history, but you can see the currently connected client count by selecting the specific network from the tree, clicking on "Monitor > Statistics" and selecting the appropriate device type from the drop down at the top of the page.

The ability to generate reports like the one you are looking for is planned, but no fixed date yet.

Thank you. 

I know about this, but we need more options to select.

We need statistics from which we can see per “site": most active AP, most active client, number of clients and traffic generated on each AP based on calendar period. (for example 30 day period.) We need this so we can replace UBNT UniFi system for our customers(outdoor and indoor free WiFi system). This is must have feature for our customers. This way we can print Wi-Fi usage report. This is important for Wi-Fi networks where Wi-Fi Internet access is free of charge.

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