Using a ground wire pigtail on AP/s SS

Trying to reduce the tools/time/effort required to replace an AP in the rare case one gets zapped. We haven't lost an AP to a storm in almost 2 years now (knock on wood)  but when replacing AP's due to storm damage we very often have a very small window of time to get up the tower and get radios replaced, racing either another storm or remaining daylight.

Also I like to simplify things as much as possible.  I wish cambium would use a stud and nut for grounding (allowing you to attach/un-attach the ground wire with one hand instead of requiring two) they do not.. additionally they like to use a screw head that can only be accessed from above the head (where the sector is... meaning you can not get a screw driver between the radio and the sector) instead of a hexhead bolt/nut type head which can be accessed from any side, or above or whatever direction you need...  anyway...   

I'm thinking about attaching a short pigtail to the radio ground lug that way whether we are installing or replacing the frustrating ground part can be done on the ground and all the climber needs to deal with is connecting/disconnecting the pigtail to the ground wire up top. 

Does anyone do this already ? If so how do you connect the pigtail to the existing ground wire ? I thought about using crimp on bullet connectors but concerned they may not remain good connections or fail. Also thought about using split bolts, this would work but it's additional parts and takes 2 wrenches to hold/tighten. Any reason the wires couldn't just be twisted together and a wire nut put on them ? That seems the simplest option.