Using a V3000 to link a remote DN to POP/DN


I was trying to create the following setup POP/DN (5000) ← V3000 - wired - second DN (5000). The second DN is too far from the POP/DN to make a reliable link itself, so I want to use a V3000 for the link between the two locations. I think this may end up being a common use case, as the distance between two DNs is about 400m and CNs in between could then connect to whichever was closest to them. I have a couple questions on this setup:

1: The V3000 and the second DN are setup in the topology as being at the same site. This automatically sets up a wired link between them in the topology. However, it is not clear which interface should be used on each device to connect them in this fashion, is there some default for this or some way to configure which interface should be used for this?

2: I am running a Layer 2 bridge on my setup, as I need IPv4 connectivity for my CPEs. In relation to the configuration outlined, can a local CPE be connected at the second DN site for local network connectivity at that site? Again the same question, which interface should be used for this to work, is there some way to configure this?

Thanks for any advice.


  1. The wired port used for back to back connection should be marked as relay port for both V3000 and second DN


  2. There is no additional configuration required. Just make sure IPv6 CPE interface is marked as ‘Disabled’ at Second DN. In Release 1.1 (in beta), IPv6 CPE option gets hidden in Layer 2 bridge mode.


Thanks for the advice, that makes sense.

Just a follow up question. In this kind of setup scenario, should the V3000 be added as a CN or a DN on the same site as the second V5000 DN or does this make any difference?

It should be added as DN.

There is a Video on how to do this.

Part of the 60GHz cnWave Starter Kit course there are four videos:

60 GHz cnWave – Installing a Stand-alone PTP link (12 mins.)
60 GHz cnWave – Installing a Relay Topology (24 mins.)
60 GHz cnWave – Installing an external E2E & cnMaestro managed network (27 mins.)
60 GHz cnWave – Assembly and Use of the Precision Tilt Bracket

Check out the Relay Topology video at: