Using Cambium Networks for CBRS - Experience So Far

We just opened up our Beta test software and have been bringing lots of customers online.  I would like to ask the community to share your experiences while using CBRS, good or bad.

I know this has a significant learning curve, and that it's not easy, but we'd love to gather feedback in order to help us make things better going forward. Also, if you have experience with other equipment, we'd love to hear about that too.

Please post your feedback in this thread. 

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I do want to point out that we've had 2 customers so far report a crash with the latest Beta software... This is posted in the Beta Software thread, you can read about it there.

This crash/reboot can be avoided by avoiding the query of the CBRS status SNMP OIDs on the AP (e.g. apCbsdStateDuration oid=".") while CBRS is disabled. As noted, it will be fixed shortly, but I wanted to highlight this here as well.

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Overall we are glad to have access to Cambium's CBRS implementation and it has gone well.  We have had a few bumps along the road and have tickets open for each of them.  Cambium's engineers so far have been very helpful with these as is normally our experience with them.  Thank you.


I just wanted to share an experience from one beta customer, in regards to spectrum allocation, and what they did to resolve it.

Customer had sucessfully been granted 20MHz of spectrum in the lower 100MHz portion of the band and had been using it for a few weeks.  Recently they started running into issues (traditional symptoms of interference).  They ended up running a spectrum analyzer scan from the AP and noticed that a competitor was using a channel that overlapped theirs.  Re-requesting a grant for a different channel resolved the issue.  They were unsure of the exact reprocussions so they performed the new request at 3am - everything started working very quickly after (no CPAS or issues getting a new grant).

Looks like the SAS is still maturing and these types of issues are best addressed directly from a SAS admin.  If anyone has a similiar issue and gets a response from a SAS admin, I'd be interested to hear about the cause and potential resolution.  Otherwise, the RF performance has been very positive, with just some learning hurdles for the overall process.