Using Canopy for SCADA

I am looking for some feedback and some examples of Canopy being used for Scada transport. Trials, tribuklations, successes failures, white papers, etc.

Can anyone help?

Thx Dale

We use Canopy to give us an ethernet link into our network of radio towers. We use Control Microsystems SCADAPack 32 RTU’s and monitor all of our buildings via ethernet. We look at everything from the doors, temperatures (outside and inside several buildings) to equipment alarms. Since this SCADA data is only a scratching the surface of what Canopy is capable of, we sell off the rest of the bandwidth as well as use it to do remote configuration on a number of different pieces of equipment.


Thx much for the info. Thisn helps a great deal


We’re using Canopy to access Allen Bradley PLCs that control clean water wells and process water pumps. This system replaced the 900MHz, 128kbps SS radio modems that we were using.

There’s nothing like being able to access your equipment in the field in real time.


I have also done a network for a gas company using the Allen Bradley PLC’s (don’t remember which ones). That’s their favourite part - real time data. Not waiting five minutes for a site to update.