Using cnMaestro on premises for deploying cnPilots

We want to deploy 1,000 cnPilots and use cnMaestro on premises to configure and set up. We want to be able to give each individual router a unique password, ESSID, and encryption key. We have not found a way to do such a a thing with cnMaestro without having to make a template for each device. Our question is, are we able to deploy these devices without having to make a different template for every single device? Is this something we can do with cnMaestro or are we misunderstanding the way cnMaestro is designed? If we are missing the intended purpose of how to deploy using cnMaestro can someone please give a short summary of how you use it. We see the benefits of the monitoring after the equipment is deployed, but not how this can make deployment more effective.

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Yes, you can specify device-unique values while using a single AP Group with User-Defined Overrides.  The below Knowledge Base article outlines how this is done.