Using cnMaestro to reach non-CN devices on the same network

One of the brightest idea of cloud manageability is the possibility of reaching the devices which are connected to the Internet behind the ISP network which uses a private IP addresses. These addresses are not routable across the Internet, and such devices can be managed ONLY from the cloud to which they register, or using something like TeamViewer on computer behind ISP network. TeamViewer is great because every kind of application can be run remotely, but the disadvantage is that the computer must be provided and running all the time. As most network devices today have also a telnet or ssh access, it would be great, if CN device under cnMaestro would allow telnet or ssh from itself to any other private IP address, in the similar way as now a ping or traceroute can run from such CN device using cnMaestro Tools>Network Connectivity menu.

This way any network device, non-CN, like a switch or router or GSM modem, could be reachable in very basic way in network with at least one device onboarded to cnMaestro, allowing most of configuration changes and diagnostics to be done on non-CN devices remotely, without travelling and wasting a lot of time.

It could be especially convenient in installations, where no networking staff is available on-site. And it would drive the market interest in CN products, as such feature is rather unique.


Is this idea still under consideration?