Using cnMatrix Switch with cnVision Device - Not Powering Up

I have been trying to get away from using the included power injectors that come with the cnVision devices like the cnVision Mini to connect and be powered by a cnMatrix switch. In the lab environment I have just an EX2010-P which has a 100W PoE budget, which there is a cnPilot e410 AP and a Xirrus XD2-230 AP which is using only 10.7W total of that 100W budget.

Based on that, is there something that needs to be done within the cnMatrix switch to connect and power the cnVision Mini? Is it looking for a specific PoE standard that I should be setting within cnMaestro to for the switch to look for, or at the switch level itself?

I was able to get the cnVision Mini to power up and connect to be managed through the included power injector, but only through the power injector, so I know at least the cnVision Mini unit is working correctly.

Often times it is easier to connect the cnVision device to a PoE switch along with a given IP camera that will also use that PoE switch for overall power. This brings the number of power plugs from 2 (One for the cnVision injector and the IP camera injector) to one for just the PoE switch itself.

cn matrix supports 802.3af/at and cn vision mini by documentation supports: 30V Passive POE (14-30V) 4,5 +; 7,8 – |or| 4,5 -; 7,8 +7W typical, 12W max

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That is correct…
All cnMatrix EX2K/EX1K switches support standards based 802.3af/at/bt PoE, which is 54V.
cnVision Mini (F300-16) is powered by 30V Passive PoE, which is supported by the power injector that is included with the radio.

The new cnMatrix TX2K WISP switches introduces Passive 24V PoE in addition to the standards based 802.3af/at/bt PoE.
This will allow cnVision Mini, as well all other Passive PoE radios to be powered without the power injector.