Using cnPulse for 2 450m 3Ghz

We are currently trying to Use a cnPulse to generate gps sync for 2 450m 3Ghz radios. one shows up just fine with recieving sync. the other does not, its searching for sync. im wondering about the proper way to connect each radio. both are plugged into AUX ports on the cnPulse, and bothe 450m’s run off of Meanwell power supplies. configuration on both is identical


Check out this post: cnPulse: Synchronizing two radios with one cnPulse

Basically, one radio gets plugged in via the AUX, the other radio needs to get plugged in via the DATA port on the 450M. You put a POE on the one radio that is not plugged into AUX.


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does this also apply to the 450m 3Ghz like he has though, given that can ONLY be powered by DC and not POE, will it harm if the cnPulse is putting POE into it?

There are a couple different ways to do this… please see this post:

Just wanted to mention (Sorry Cambium) that PacketFlux has a device called “Sync Box Jr Aux” for around $130 that we have used several times to provide sync to a full cluster of 4 PMP450M 3GHz APs - run RJ45 cables from four APs AUX ports to the 4 ports in the SyncBox. (We also found that the $150-$200 power supplies were available from suppliers like Mouser for ~$65, same part #) Our ‘Standard’ CBRS tower site consists of four power bricks, four APs talking over fiber to a 8- or 16-port Mikrotik SFP switch, and a single SyncBox Aux on a tower. Not had any trouble yet.