Using credentials set from golden config file

We have been testing out a default config file. One of the options we are setting are the credentials for the SM. By doing this, it blocks cnArcher from completing an installation, as once it gets set, the app cannot access the SM anymore. Is there any way to allow the app to reconnect with a pre-set login?

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Arakasi, we hear you. The next update to the v1.1 beta will include the ability for you to specify the SNMP read/write commiunity string that cnArcher will use to communicate with the radio.

What should I leave in the config file in order to allow cnArcher to still have access to the unit?

We're leaving snmp at defaults now, but it's still locking it out after applying the file. In the logs, I see cnArcher using an SNMP user of snmp, but I don't see that configured anywhere.

The following are the requirements for cnArcher to be able to talk to the SM.

1. No username/password for the GUI (which is the default)

2. "SNMP community string 1" set to "Canopy" (which is also the default)

3. No VLAN configuration

The  3rd limitation is a bug in Canopy. cnArcher enables the "Native IP" feature so it can continue to talk to the SM using even after the SM IP isreconfigured to a static IP or set as DHCP.  However, if management VLAN or data VLAN is configured on the SM, once the SM conects to an AP, the SM no longer reponds to SNMP requests to the "Native IP". The fix  for this will be available in PMP 15.2 release.

It looks like it still works if I setup usernames and passwords. It  must be the vlan bug you are mentioning in #3. When is that planned on being released?

PMP 15.2 release is expected 2nd week of May. A beta build is available at