Using ePMP 1000s in a hybrid PTP mode (with more than one sub point)

Somewhere--I can't remember where - could have been one of the Webinars, but I can't find it now-- there was a super-fast discussion about using the ePMP boxes in a PTP way, but it was mentioned that IF there are multiple points (no more than 10) within the beamwidth (I understand the integrated radios have a 30 degrees beamwidth), you can have a quasi-PMP solution.

Can someone discuss how this would be configured?  I have a weird setup on my network (I am finding, as I begin designing it) where there are a 3-5 of "subs" which can theoretically access another integrated ePMP radio (within 30 degrees).  I'd also like to know what I would be gaining  by operating in that fashion (as opposed to just having the radio operate in a PMP fashion).

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Hello Mike,

Both AP PTP modes (ePTP and TDD PTP) will limit the AP to one client. If you want more than one client to associate with that AP, you will need to use a PMP mode, preferably TDD.

It is possible that the discussion in the Webinar was actually related to our Force 110 PTP units. These units are high performance GPS enabled APs with a high-gain, narrow beamwidth dish antenna. Although these units are intended to be use as PTP links, when configured in a PMP mode, they would allow up to 10 clients to connect.

Hope this helps

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You can run a force-110-ptp in PtMP/TDD mode and have up to 10 SMs attached.  The benifit is the cost savings over purchasing a full blown GPS-Sync AP.

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