Using Force 300 with 30V Surge Suppressor

I installed a Force 300 with a 30V Surge Suppressor and the radio only trains at 100Mbps.  If I bypass the Surge Suppressor I get 1,000Mbps.  I have tested both cables with my Fluke meter and they test out fine.  I tried other cables too for fun and still only got 100Mbps through the Surge Suppressor.

I saw that the Force 300 series now uses standard POE pinouts.  Is that the issue?

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Hello, if you are using the older 600SS surge supressor, they are only 10/100BaseT.  We've introduced a newer 30V SS for gigabit applications.  I've attached the spec sheet, as well as, the older 600SS.

I am using the newer 30V Gigabit Suppressor like you have attached.  I never did like the 600SS as they were not weather tight in the least.