Using SMs to establish a PTP link

Does anyone know of any way to using SMs to establish a PTP link (like two BH modules)? Can they be reflashed with new f/w or s/w? Is the hardware significantly different? Thanks.

You need one AP and one SM. I believe some people have figured out how to get AP firmware loaded on an SM, but there’s a lot of trickery involved which, not only works pretty poorly, but also won’t get discussed in an official Motorola forum.

Thanks makes sense that stuff like that would be discussed here. I was more hoping for something in the standard config that I missed. Thanks.

There shouldn’t be any different configuration for this setup than what you would use for a standard AP cluster serving dozens of SMs. You have a little more flexibility with your max range, downlink% and control slots, but if you are colocating near other in-band equipment you’re going to need adequate separation (both physical and frequency).

If you are colocating near other Canopy equipment in the same band, you will want to use the frame calculator to figure out what settings you should use to keep sync.