v14.2 on PTP450i radios

I saw comments encouraging the upgrade to v14.2 for the PMP450, but nothing here for the PTP450i.

Can anyone share their experience with this new firmware which supports 30Mhz ?   How much of a throughput increase did you see?

I'm waiting for the 40Mhz capable update which should follow shortly, but figure I might as well apply this version while waiting and enjoy the better performance.

If there are any special considerations before applying this, please share (running scans, frequency issues, etc).   I am hoping I just apply the file, select 30Mhz in the drop down and it just works.   Please let me know if there is much more to it than this,



Hello Overclocked

"any special considerations"

Like everything in life there are exceptions and considerations.

15 and 30 does not work on 900MHz radios.

15 and 30 may not work for you if those channels are crowded.

Remember on 30 you will need fairly noise free environment 15 channels above and below your center channel.

is my PTP450i a 900Mhz radio?    I was told all along that this radio can do 30Mhz and 40Mhz.   That's what the sales rep told me and is why I purchased it.     I applied 14.2 and see the option in the menu, but get errors trying to set it.  

Whether I can run it due to little interference is another thing...

Look at Device Type on the General Status page of the UI for the radio when you log in.

Make sure that your center channel is such that you have enough channels north and south of it to be set to 30 MHz or 40 MHz.

Hopefully Sri, or Matt will correct me if I'm wrong but...

- 40MHz channel widths are not available yet... I think this is a certification issue for all bands/radios.

- 30MHz channel widths are not yet certified by FCC for use with 5GHz on FCC/DFS channels, 3.65GHz on FCC/LBT radios, and 2.4GHz FCC radios... soon though... hopefully later this fall.

- No new channel widths (e.g 15, 30, 40Mhz) are available or planned for 450i 900MHz radios. (I'm pushing for 15MHz though!)


15 MHz would be nice on 900.