? V3000 nothing included

So I pre-ordered this last year and I received it today. A little disappointed. The reflector, the mount, and the power supply were not included! I got on streakwaves website and you have to purchase each item separately. The reflector is $80, and the mount is $120, and I can’t even find the POE. This doesn’t make sense. This is like selling a car without the tires and the engine? And the prices are outrageous. $80 for a thin piece of metal that probably costs them less than 2 dollars. I want to use you guys but some of the stuff you do makes me shake my head!

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The standard AC POE injector is the N000000L142A, it’s got a 5Gbps port. There are other options like the PTP670 POE’s, but they’re only gigabit and more expensive. You could also use the DC to RJ45 plug adaptor, that is the C000000L184A.

Also consider if you plan to use the SFP port, you will probably want to order a long gland as well, if one wasn’t included in the box. Since you have one, check on that as I’m not sure if the bundled gland is the long one.

Regarding antenna’s; it’s actually going to become a little more complicated. The single-pack antenna’s are falling away over the next few months, and will be replaced by 4-packs as I understand it.

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The gland in the box is for the main port (spares are available C000000L123A) and can be used with cable diameters from 6mm to 10mm.

For additional glands you can get the following kits:

Cambium description Cambium part number
Cable gland for 6-9mm cable, M25, Qty 10 C000000L123A
Cable gland for 4-6mm cable, M25, Qty 10 C000000L176A
Cable gland Long, M25, Qty 5 C000000L124A

As the post above explains there are options for Power Supplies / Brackets and in the near future Dishes. Tools like the LINKPlanner do provide BOM tools to help with these options.

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The spec sheet says the rj45 poe in port is 10gb but the injector you alluded to is 5gb. Is the port on the radio 5 or 10gb? I see the power supply is another $80. Do you realize how ridiculous the pricing is?


The port is a 10G port and can support that full duplex, the wireless link is capable of 3.6Gbps aggregate and with Channel Bonding will support nearly double that rate. For the V3000 the 5Gbps fully duplex PoE will support that rate.

The MSRP for the N000000L142A is significantly less than $80.

N000065L001C This is the one that’s listed for the V3000?? It retails for $80

The N000065L001C is a 1G 60W supply and whilst it can be used for both the V3000 and V5000 we recommend you use the N000000L142A which is the 5G 60W Device.

It’s nice that you can save a little on the power injector but it doesnt change the fact that the way this is being sold is misleading. Also why is the 1G 60W device priced $50 higher than the 5G 60W device? Seems like it would be cheaper?

The way these are sold isn’t dissimilar to all of the other higher-end cambium gear - which is annoying. I understand the reasoning behind possibly selling a few different mounting options, and a spare radio SKU, but there should really be one SKU for the entire kit and then others for all of the individual parts.

I don’t know if the current way is misleading, but it certainly feels like the nickel and diming approach.

Not really nickel and diming if you would be paying the same prices if it was in a “kit”.

Just pay closer attention when ordering? Or use link planner.

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And if picking and choosing a BOM is something you don’t have time for, there are some good distributors that will happily figure out all the nuts and bolts you need. Even when I thought I knew what I needed, that second set of eyeballs usually caught something.


Same here, we aren’t talking about some product you can find on Amazon.

We rely on our distributor to be sure to buy the (expensive) right device for our needs, and we got a full list of what we need and how much it will cost.

Btw, linkplanner, IIRC make a “shopping list” for all the products and accessories you need for the project.

But it doesn’t need to be that complex. And the add ons don’t need to be that expensive…

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Why not ship the radio with everything you need to get started and then go ahead and nickle & dime people for the “extras”. I hear you on that @Chris_2


there are several factors could impact which PoE customer need

  • AUX PoE in use or not
  • Fiber interface in use or not

There is no one PoE fit for all unless we put a more expensive PoE in the package.


Your spec sheet shows 55watt max usage. The poe you recommend is 60 watt which covers all scenarios, correct?

Also how do you explain not including the reflector and the mount?

The V5000 is 35W and V3000 is 30W without PoE out, a lot less then 55W.

If you wish to use the PoE out you will require addition margin. We do supply a 100W AC/DC supply and the cnMatrix switches can support 90W PoE.

There are multiple mounts available and in the next few week multiple reflector to allow you the option to select different EIRP / sizes.


What are the multiple mounts? I only see the one? Are the new reflectors smaller? Also, what about a reflector with a radome?

For the V3000 the two mounts you can use are:

N000045L002A Tilt bracket assembly



C000000L125A Precision bracket

On the Dish, there will be a smaller dish.

Current Dish 44.5dBi giving 60.5dBm EIRP, the second dish 40.5dBi provides 55dBi EIRP (more details to follow in the coming weeks)

There is no Radome for this design, unlike a standard dish, this design still provides beamforming.