V5000 IPv4 access/management?

Can the V5000 get a IPv4 IP address and communicate to cnmaestro on that? In other words, can I avoid IPv6 on the PoP DNs?

As I understand it, only the PoP DNs actually communicate with cnmaestro and all other nodes go through those PoP DNs. maybe I’m wrong.

The idea here is that if I’m going to just use cnwave as a mesh fabric and terminate GRE tunnels to a GRE concentrator, then the only thing I need the cnwave hardware ‘online’ for is cnmaestro. The terragraph network and IPv6 will just be local/isolated.

Yes, V5K to cnMaestro communication is on IPv4.

You are correct about local IPv6. IPv6 on DNs is internal ( derived from seed prefix), which can again be local.

However, when external E2E Controller is used, controller to devices communication is over IPv6. If the machine running external E2E controller is in the same subnet/VLAN, that can run in the private IPv6 too.

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ok, I think you’ve answered but let me confirm. If I’m using E2E on the V5000, that V5000 can communicate with cnmaestro over IPv4 and none of the other nodes need to have any connectivity of their own, right?

Thats correct. cnMaestro talks to E2E, not the individual nodes.

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There is a writeup on cnWave with IPv4, maybe you can take a look…