V5000 MCS level to achieve 1 Gbps user capacity

My understanding is that the radio resources of the sector are split between the two antennas . If that is the case, each 70° sub-sector should receive half of the radio resources and peak 950 Mbps downlink. Is my understanding correct?
If I want to achieve1 Gbps downlink at the V1000, does that mean that I need to plan for MCS12?
Thanks in advance for the clarification

There are two sectors in the v5000, each sector covers ±70deg so 140deg in total and each sector is capable of 1.8Gbps in MCS12 in the Uplink and Downlink.

Within the sector you have full access to the 1.8Gbps from any link attached within that sector.

If you want to achieve 1Gbps at the V1000 you would need at least MCS 8. I would strongly suggest you utilise the LINKPlanner and look at the range and availability for your region.

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Hi Antony,

thanks for your reply.
Given that there is one modem and two RFs per sector, does that mean that the radio resources are dynamically allocated to the two antennas? Otherwise, how can the system peak 1.8 Gbps?

As far a the V5000 is concerned it’s one logical antenna covering 140degs, so the sector supports up to 15 devices across the whole range, whether that’s clustered in a few degrees or spread across the 140degs.

As you suggest during the TDD cycle resource is allocated dynamically between those nodes with each sector capable of 1.8Gbps on the wireless downlink and uplink on a single channel at MCS12.