V5000 reboots every ten minutes

I just noticed that AU wireless noted a similar issue in V5000 failure after 1.2 upgrade - #7 by Au_Wireless
I will say mine was weirder.
The unit ran fine for a period of a week, in my office, on 1.2 firmware with two links, one to pop node one to a v1000.
Deployed to lamppost and linked to pop node, from the comfort of my office later I noticed it was rebooting every ten minutes. It always reconnected to the POP via sector 1 as expected.
Tried replacing the power supply cord, then the power supply and ethernet cable, no change.
Replaced the v5000 and its replacement is running fine still.
The problem unit is again in my office and running fine !!! Now setup as a POP with e2e onboard and downstream links v1000 and v3000.