V5000 <--> V3000 - MCS12 - realistic expected net bandwidth

Hi there,
we have a setup with 1x v5000 to 2x V3000 connect (Sector A & B). The link is stable up with MCS12. Connection via Layer-2 Bridge (IPv4 Traffic).
What are the realistic expected net bandwidth values?

I currently have an iperf running in both directions and get between 1.1 - 1.2 GBits. Is that the maximum or can we get a little bit more bandwith out of the Link?

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I’ve been testing with two v5000s, natively on ipv6 (no tunnels) and I see 1.7gbps with large packet sizes.


~ 1.7 Gbps in each direction in your configuration, test run is expected.

Could you please click on Download statistics button (while test is going on) and send the downloaded csv. Whats the iperf command you are using ? Whats the iperf version ?

Hi @Kiran_Avva,

ipferf Command: iperf3.exe -c -p 5202 -P 5 -t 86400 also tested with -P 1
iperf Version: 3.1.3

I sent you the Link to the Statistics Download by Direct Message.

Hi. I’m interested to know the results if you’ve got misconfiguration or there is a limitation of the product? Please reply publicly the result

Hi Daniel,
so far there is no new knowledge yet.