V9.5 and ethernet connectivity issues?

Are there any issues with ethernet connectivity and V9.5?

I’ve read 9.5 is supposed to be one of the most stable releases in some time, however I’m having a problem with it.

Yesterday I upgraded a couple of P10 2.4 APs to 9.5. After the upgrade the APs had very intermittent connectivity. Every once in a while a few pings might make it through across the ethernet interface. During that time I was able to access the web interface etc. Connectivity was down way more than it was up.

We are using a VLAN on the management interface. The CMM Micro seems to show that it has negotiated a 100 Full duplex connection. I’ve messed around with all possible speed and duplex settings with no resolve. With the APs powered on with a default plug the problem did not seem to exist.

I downgraded to 9.4.2 and the problem is now gone.

Any thoughts?

An additional piece of info:

We did put the management VLAN on the native VLAN 1(no tags), and the problem didn’t really seem to get any better.

Have you tried forcing both AP and CMMu to 100/Full? Am running a number of 9.5 900 P9 and P10 APs like that with no issues.

Yes, I tried forcing both sides to every speed and duplex setting. Nothing seemed to help

Did you vere resolve this issue?

I am seeing the same ping loss on two P9 AP’s. I have even had two AP’s default themselves back into SM’s!