Ver 8.1 and IP routing

I don’t remember where someone posted that ver 8 will have the ability to route. The function “route add” ( Via telnet ) is available, ( has been on previous versions). How does one add an IP address to the Wireless Interface and another to ethernet et1 interface?

All this time, that’s the only option I was waiting for was routing.
What OS is canopy running on?

Looks like I will have to continue buying the 2 port ethernet routers.

Just a guess:
ip addr add x.x.x.x/x dev eth1 ?

That’s what I’d do on my linux router…

Actually, I just telneted into v8 AP, and see that it does use the standard route command… no testing on its actual functioning, but you would just type a :

route add <destination> <netmask> <gateway>

I see however they are lacking an ifconfig. Perhaps the IPconfig is similar? To assign multiple IPs to a single interface in linux with ifcommand you would type :

ifconfig ethX:Y <addr> netmask <netmask>

Where X is the actual interface, and Y can be any unused #. This creates a virtual sub interface.

I’m asking about the 2 interface et1 and what would be the wireless interface be?.

plus how can I add the IP address for the wireless interface.

After that, rounting should be easy, if it’s possible.