Ver 9.4 shows lower temperature and higher RSSI levels

I have upgraded from 9.3 - 9.4 on all of our network, and notice now prizm is reporting temperatures that were 60-75 deg f now all reporting 32 Deg F always .
The RSSI has gone up, where DB was say -79 is now reporting -76, yet no change in stability issues on problem radios (some seem worse with more re-regs).

Anyone else seeing these results?

Update: All 900 sm’s dropped signal strength and did no longer report temperatures.
I downgraded to 9.3 and all sm’s and ap showed increase of 4-5 db in signal strength.
Re-regs are down drastically so far…

Although temp readings are inacurate on rest of the network , other frequencies did not have drops in signal strength after update to 9.3 so I will leave them on ver 9.4 for now.

Running 9.4.2 on 900MHz here and although I cannot comment on the temp I can say I saw a slight drop in signal levels, however I saw no noticeable decrease in stability/performance.

So far seems there are more issues with ver 9 hardware. They are working better running 9.3 (less re-regs).