Version 8.2 and P8 SM's

We upgraded our entire network to version 8.2 a few days after it’s release and not seeing any horror stories on the forums.

Everything seemed to be ok for about a week and then we noticed a tremendous amount of telephone calls and truck rolls for SM’s losing association.

In some instances rebooting the SM fixed it, and would for 1 Minute to a couple of Days, and in others rebooting the AP’s solved it.

Replacing the SM’s in many instances fixed the problem, what we did not know was why.

After tallying statistics for the last 4 business days we found one thing in common, no matter which tower of ours out of the 27 we have, the common problem was the P8 SM’s.

We are running all P9 AP’s in H/W Scheduling of Course.

Moto tech support thought it was interference, but the reg and rereg counts did not give us that indication, and because the problem was so diverse this was ruled out.

As of last night I have downgraded all of the AP’s on the network and am still pushing downgrades to the SM’s back to

As of this writing our support calls have virtually been eliminated other than the few SM’s that did not reassociate after the firmware updates.

Will post any updates, but I am assuming this has something to do with processing power and memory in the P8’s, it is almost like the buffers or memory get full and they are not able to communicate.

We also have been able to verify that on the remote side the SM says that it is “registered”, but the AP session list shows it as “idle”.


9 Hours later, this might not be a problem or a solution, everything seemed to work well after the downgrade until about 4:00 to 4:30 MST.

I will monitor and update as I know more and get feedback from my phone support folks.


I can verify that the factory defaults did not solve this problem.

What we have noticed is that this only has affected P8 SM’s on 2.4, 5.7 and no 5.2 yet, but we only have a couple of P8 5.2 SM’s on our network.

What we have verified fixes the problem is replacing the units with a P8 that has never been upgraded to 8.2, P9’s and now we have burned through a case of 25 P10’s.

We are replacing 20 more radios today all over northern Colorado and will have more firm evidence in the next 24 hours.

Once we can verify this, I will be placing a call to Moto, because it almost seems that when we upgraded to 8.2 something was damaged or changed only affecting P8’s and even then not all of them.

When we downgraded back to the problems were not fixed because whatever was changed in the upgrade was still there.

As an additional step, we are currently installing the owners radio which was one of the effected ones on our building to see if the problem follows the radio.

Has anyone else had any problems with P8’s and 8.2 F/W?


The current answer from the help desk is that we had a bad firmware load, and have been asked to downgrade all the problem SM’s to 7.3.6 and re-upgrade according to the newly released upgrade path with 8.2.

Unfortunately we have burned through a case and a half of P10 SM’s since this was the only solution we could previously find that was a guaranteed fix, before losing any more customers.

I don’t understand the bad load since all the AP’s were upgraded via two machines using CNUT and two sites via Prizm 3.0, only updating the AP’s and then letting the AP’s push the rest of the updates to the SM’s, but will post when I know more.


Quick Update!

The downgrade to 7.3.6 went smoothly on 5 of the 11 Problem SM’s we are aware of and still had in the field. The other 6 we cannot access because the customer is not home to cycle power to the SM and reboots of the AP did not work either.

So far this has fixed the the problem, with only one other issue that we will have to worry about in the future. The other issue is now the same 5 SM’s that we upgraded to 8.2 and then downgraded to and now downgraded to 7.3.6 will not upgrade forward :evil:.

If this is the worst for now, I am happy our customers will have service over many of their 3 day weekends. Speaking of which, heading home to relieve some stress in the lands of Azeroth :twisted:, but only of course after the king of entertainment, Jerry S.


I accidently downgraded a couple P10’s also, took a truck roll to fix em’

Same story on 8.2 with me, I watched the forums, didn’t notice alot of horror stories so, I upgraded the whole network all at once! I now know this is a bad way to deploy new firmware, lol! :oops: