version 8x and the nightmare continues

hello all i guess i am not the only one that has had version 8.x problems.

the latest for me is 2.4 modules that were in the high 60’s to low 70’s and pretty much rock solid once the upgrade happened are rebooting dropping ethernet lockup’s you name it.

some modules that were working fine just stop wanting to register at all and we then pop on a new p10 and it will work fine but way to high db levels, so we then have to install a dish to get the signal back.

the 900’s we are running are in a similar state.

all our network was rolled over to version 8.22 because we were told we cannot get p9 modules anymore and the p10’s would only work with version 8.x , i followed the correct upgrade skeem with some pain but overall it went well and other than less than 25 out of hundreds that is not bad.

nothing has changed in our tower locations for freq problems this is a pretty rural area so we are pretty much the only game in town.

i thought i was doing everything correctly ie. hardware scheduling, contol slots, proper freq allocation, color coding, not using nat on the radios and such.

this is turning into such a pain…

ok my rant over anyone find anything that works… really anything at all…

So, other than the fact that the new radios only run 8, is there any real reason to upgrade? Is the performance difference perceivable?

If you’re running 7.3.6 and are happy with the performance, don’t bother upgrading until Motorola has gotten all the glitches in the software solved.

I very much regret rolling out the 8.x firmware on my radios as I’ve had stupid issues here and there ever since. 8.2.2 seems more stable but still has its quirks (randomly disconnects clients, requiring a reboot of the SM to restore service).

I know I have sen post about a new 8.2 version and even a new 9.x version coming out. Anyone have word on when these may show up???

Not everyone is having problems with 8.x. My whole network is on 8.2 and has been running fine for months.

we are seeing the same thing - with 8.2.2 we see radios that “lock-up” and are no longer registered to the AP, even though they have great RSSI and power level - power-cycling the SM brings it back online - sometimes power-cycling the AP will cause the SM to register - we see this behaviour more on P8 boards

Is Motorola working to fix this issue?

Jerry had made some mention of 8.2.3 and 9.x in another thread. I would imagine 8.2.3 is going to fix the remaining glitches and 9.x will address overall stability.

Just called Canopy Technical Support and they do not know anything about this issue. If you are having trouble with 8.2.2 SM lock-ups, please contact Canopy Technical Support immediately.

There is no doubt. I cannot believe that Moto doesn’t know.

P8 SMs (2.4/5.2) do disconnect from time to time. Reboot always fixes the problem. AP reboot will sometimes fix the problem.

I do not know what causes the problem from one P8 to another but these are SMs that had no problem before the upgrade.

As a matter of fact, 8.1.4 and did not seem have the problem.

Solution: upgrade customer to P9/P10

Not a good one in my opinion.

I guess I’ll chime in here…

There IS a known issue that motorola is aware of and is attempting to fix for 8.2.3 where the SM thinks it is registered, and the AP says it is not. Initially it appeared on P8’s only, but now appears to be both P8 and P9 hardware. Either a reboot of the AP or the SM will resolve.

I get the impression that this is the main issue that Motorola is working on for 8.2.3… but that is only my impression, and not based on any real data.

BTW, this has been thoroughly covered on the mailing list, including the confirmation from Motorola.


So when will 8.2.3 be released?

dczimmerm wrote:
So when will 8.2.3 be released?

When they get the issue fixed and tested :).... Actually your guess is as good as mine.. I have no knowledge of this.

The last I heard unofficially from Motorola was that they were working overtime on this issue. The specific issue I am talking about is where the SM thinks it's registered and the AP doesn't. Rebooting EITHER the AP or SM will fix it.


I too am working with a higher level support person on some issues we are having…

8.2.2 P9 APs’ (about 2% of them in our network) will reboot for no reason frequently. Downgrade them to 8.1.5 and they run for days.

They have sent me a couple versions to try, but dont have a fix yet.

Also, there is a semi-known and documented issue by another WISP and myself of where the protocol filter for blocking Bootp server doesnt actually catch all DHCP requests. Certain routers somehow get past it. We caught two SMs doing that.

And, of course there are several documented issues that they had to fix from 8.2.2 and probably are “well past those” by now.

Yes, it has not been fun… cost us some customers… When a company forces your hand by only shipping new radios with 8.x, what can you do. Stop buying radios to add customers?

Hopefully, they have learend their lesson, but the gut instinct says this is not going to be over right away with the next 'little patch"

i just tried a experiment with one 2.4 adv ap that was dropping clients.

i downgraded the ap to 7.3.6 and then upgraded it again via unfortuneatly all of the levels to 8.22 and i can now get some of the customers back that were in essence out of range and would not register.

i have found that rebooting the sm’s does not nesasarally bring back the sm, we have to reboot the ap to bring it back to registered from registering.

the saga continues…

8.2.3 is just for p8 radio’s

we are consistently have ethernet/autonegotiating issues when we upgrade SM’s to 8.2 or 8.2.2 this is horrible

The ethernet/NAT issues went away for us on 8.2.2. We may just be one of the lucky ones though. 8.2 was an absolute nightmare.