Version 9 software

I got email today about version 9 firmware. One of the features is supposedly remote capability to run the spectrum analyzer. Finally!

any info on the release date for this stuff

9.0 official was posted some time last night or this morning. My summary of the release notes:

Apparently P10 hardware gets a serious increase in packet-per-second performance to 6200pps, nearly twice the performance of P9. That is a big advantage for APs hosting VoIP and gaming users.

Is this a result of speeding up the FPGA-emulated PPC chip on the P10 with a faster implementation? Well, the numbers for P9 apparently went down, instead of 3800 pps, it’s now 3200 pps with vlans or 3500 pps without. So, possibly, yes, the P10 FPGA PPC got faster to accommodate for more utilization from other parts of the firmware.

But the SM benchmark test got changed from 100bytes to 64bytes per packet. So it may actually be a more accurate test. I still don’t see why P9s are slower, other than a general CPU slowdown.

Jitter measurement is "consistent’’ across 1x and 2x now. Hopefully we can actually use high jitter values to disqualify 2x links now? Or even better, the firmware can figure it out automatically and switch to 1x more often? (2x is occasionally unstable, but not enough to force 8.2.7 down to 1x. it would be nice if the system could just figure that out automatically)

DFS history in the event log, check. Remote spectrum analysis, check. New LED scheme for indoor 900, check. Alignment tool, excellent… AP link test table for ALL subscribers? Oh yeah baby… Settable downlink broadcast packet repeat? cool.

2 DHCP server responses no longer confuse an SM running NAT? ok. Other bugs fixed, other bugs exist. The bug list looks pretty minor for once.

Air time delay more accurate? Ok. RSSI is gone, it wasn’t accurate, use dBm instead? Ok. Timed spectrum analzyer? Cool…

All in all, the release notes make this sound like a VERY impressive release. Much more interesting than v7 to v8, to me at least.

Definitely looks promising. Will have to see what others are experiencing.

Has anyone given it a go yet???

We’re going to put it on one of smaller towers later today, I’ll report back if I find anything great/bad.

Same here. I have a sm that is not being used for production traffic, and I will load it up this morning…

I have updated about 5 sm and so far no issues…

Same to me. Updated few SM. So far so good…
Some new features are really useful (spectrum analyzer on boot, memory on mininum/maximum rf signal, new technician user level, PPPoE).

On the bad side: I tested again NAT functionality and, unfortunately, NAT on release 9.0 is still NOT PPTP VPN compliant :frowning:

It looks like there is an issue viewing the Session Status in Firefox. I can’t view above the 129th LUID. Other browsers tested fine.


i have also Problem with Firefox-Browser but only with Version 3. and I have a Problem with the update Function from Prizm. The only way to update the SM is through the the AP (Enable autoupdate slave). I can’t update directly an SM (error with message: not the correct IP on the SM)

Ok I have about 10 sm and 2 ap updated and all is good…so far…

I updated 1 ap with 16 users on it. No problems so far

We have two ap’s and about 15 SM’s upgraded and no problems so far.

Tried on one SM passing +/- 1Mbps for 6 hours a day. So far so good. The max/min power levels a welcome change, didn’t really like RSSI readings, they were way to variable and misleading.

No problems so far (tested on 15+ Ap’s and 100+ Sm’s)

I’m going to give it another week - if it’s still overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ll start deployment.

I’m extremely hesitant, especially since the 8.2.x problems didn’t start showing up for us until about a week after “upgrade”.

8.2.7 has been good, but not great. If 9 is indeed an improvement upon it, I welcome it with open arms.

23 APs 200+ Customers, no problems.

This is very encouraging. Word on the Moto lists is the same.

Since I am still running 7.3.6 on my 5.7’s and 2.4’s I suppose I’ll upgrade.

Anyone using it on BH20’s?

I only put it on one set of BH20’s… looking good so far.