Version update procedure

Does anyone know the proper procedure to update canopy software version from 7.0.7? I know you can’t just update right to the latest version, but what is the order that is needed?


7.0 -> 7.29 -> 7.3.6 w/CNUT2.1
FORK: Enable HW Scheduling Yes/No?

Yes -> 8.1.5 -> 8.2 -> 8.2.1 w/CNUT2.2
No -> I don’t think you can upgrade to 8.x w/out enabling hardware scheduling.

I’m no expert, but that’s my best guess. I’m sure others can clarify/correct. I believe it’s best to upgrade through each release as calibration could be thrown off if not.

I think the “recommended” upgrade path would be 7.0 -> 7.2.9 -> 8.1.4 - > -> 8.2 -> 8.2.1, remembering to enable HWS prior to the 8.x jump.