Vertical Polarization?

We just received 4 new 900 SM’s all on P10 platform. Looks like they have added a field to the status page called Antenna Polarization.


But why do they say Vertical??? All 900 stuff that we have ever bought has been Horizontally polarized, and these SM’s are working just fine with our Horizontally polarized AP’s. So is this some sort of bug?

Upgrade them to 8.2.1v2. It’ll fix the antenna field

Ummm… now it says “External Connectorized”.


Except that this is an integrated SM??? WTF! What is Moto doing? Is ANYONE TESTING THERE??? Not that I care to much about this info, cause I know what I have installed where. Don’t really need them to tell me. Specially when it is the wrong info.

Of course this is the least of my problems right now. 8.2.1 has screwed up my network even more than 8.1.5…