very odd problem

I have about 5 customers that will not pull an IP via DHCP

only linksys routers are having this problem

my laptop/thier computers will pull an IP with no problems

all on the same cluster

the dhcp server does not show them requesting an IP on “router reboot” or "dhcp renew"

any ideas?

The router is set to obtain it’s IP via DHCP, right? ( I know, most obvious first I suppose )

All the same revision Linksys router?

And you mentioned I believe that you would manually release and renew on the router and you don’t see anything show up?

all different versions of linksys.

router is set as optain IP automatically/dhcp

If i manually release and renew or reboot or facorty default it still does not pull an IP

my laptop/thier PC’s will pull an IP all day long

stabbing at it more…

what if you manually set the router, can you run the ping diagnostic tool and ping the SM via the router?

is there an “internet” light on/blinking when you plug SM ethernet into router?

have you tried another “stock” SM to see if the router would pull an IP from it?

i’m about out of stabs myself…maybe someone else may have an obvious answer. =)

I have had this exact issue with 2 clients so far. A linksys router not pulling a DHCP address… I have assigned them statics, and it works, but this is not really the solution I was going for. I have done a manual release and renew from the web interface, reset the router power, and so on… no dice. My DHCP server is a cisco router, just curious if you are using the same?

we are using a freebsd dhcp server.

there is always a link light

i have swapped SMs with the same results

I only tried assigning one router a static and it didnt like it…that one the router seemed to almost completely fail

You might look around in your system(s) for any type of rule to block/ignore DHCP request from the MAC address group

MAC Address
Prefix Vendor
00:04:5A The Linksys Group,
00:06:25 The Linksys Group, Inc.
00:0C:41 The Linksys Group, In

This truly sounds like a hardware failure. If no filters are in place to prevent the DHCP protocol from routing and assuming the devices are set to DHCP - you should see the REQUEST arrive at your DHCP server… Have you used a packet sniffer to look for DHCP requests coming from the particular MAC addresses??? This would yield immediate answers. If no request is made the equipment is bad. If the request is made and the DHCP server is not getting it or not responding to the REQUEST then we have a whole lot of stuff to discuss…

I have had this happen on several occasions with linksys WRT54G routers, all versions. What has consistantly corrected the issue for me is to upgrade the firmware.
Seems to happen for no apparant reason. This has happened when using either DHCP or PPPoE.

Hope it helps.

I did update the firmware the last time this happened. It then received dhcp… and after maybe 10 mins, automatically released it, and quit working again. I don’t think this is a filtering issue. I’m just going to tell people to replace their router… and I’m going to quit suggesting linksys…

sorry i didnt update this thread

i ended up with about 50 subscribers on one site having this problem

it appeared a misconfigured router was plugged in incorrectly and was handing out dhcp info but not a dhcp ip. If it was a dhcp IP this would have been easy to resolve.

one of the installers forgot to check the bootpserver on the advanced settings.

something rare that i have not encountered before. keep you eyes out for that one…was a pain in the ass

I have stopped recommonding linksys routers as well…dlink seems to be the best way to go.