Very Strange Indeed

I have a client whose SM has been working seamlessly for the better part of 2 years now.

Suddenly, the client claims that the connection keeps going offline at night, i.e when it gets “dark”.

When i look at the sessions page of the AP, it shows idle but a very high jitter (14/14) with a power level of (-81/-81), whereas during the day it is registered with jitter (3/4) and power (-76/-77).

Ive changed the SM from a P9 one to a P10 one. Tower has 3 APs all on HWS setup identical except for color code and freq in 5.7 band.


Test the noise floor at night on the freq you are running, and get your customer 3db below it. We don’t have anything that will run above -67

well it sounds like an freq issue. drive out there and run a spectrum from the truck at night, see whats floating around

hmmm, yeah was thinking that as well, i’ll just have to take a couple of buddies out with me at night, the client is in a well dodgy, bushy area… :lol:

In remote areas, I will put a temporary password in the sm unit and Get the customer in the unit when it is acting up. do a spectrum test, alinment, Ap aval and see whats going on when it happens. Then change the password back after we are done.

Sounds like at first glance you are going to need to increase the size of the reflector he has, unless they have install some type wireless equipment that is interfereing with you

yeah, that sounds like a good idea, will have to run it by my boss and see…

well i will try a spec analysis and see what i find…

Possible bad connector on the SM and the dew is collecting at the connector. Daylight comes and dries it out and it starts working again.

I have experienced that on a connectorized AP.

When its raining, its dropping all the 16 clients connected to it, except for 1 client which is just 100meters from our station.

I found out that there is a moisture within their connection, wiped it and put a tape to it. I didnt experience anything bad since then.

ok, so ive changed frequency at the AP, seems to have solved the problem so far, just have to keep my eye on it and see…thanks for the info guys :lol: