Video conferencing issue in ePMP1000-connectorized-non GPS Sync


My name is MANOJ NOTIYAL working in prima telecom ltd (INDIA). I am facing video blurring issue in Video conferencing at one of our customer (AIRTEL's Customer). This customer has 5 location where doing video conferencing. No issue with other locations ptp video conferencing. 

Video blurring issue only with ePMP1000 sites.


a) Wireless link RSL is -58

b) Wireless link bandwidth is 33Mbps. 

c) Application type : Point to Multipoint ( 4 SM (3 SM for 2Mbps + 1 SM with 4Mbps) with Single AP, Video conferencing customer is only 1). Video conferencing customer is 4Mbps.

d) There is only 3 packet drops in 3000 packets ping (2997 /3000) (This ping was from Airtel NOC to Customer Radio)

e) Tried in TDD Mode, Standard wifi, eptp mode ( Observed video blurring issue observed in all the modes).

f) We have created MIR profiles, Traffic priority set, tested in wireless flexible mode and 50:50 mode.

Please let us know if anybody faced same kind of issue.

Urgent support required.

Best Regards,

Manoj Notiyal

Prima Telecom Ltd.

Uttar Pradesh-201304


How much bandwidth is the video conferencing system pushing? Do you know if 4Mbps is enough? Is this SM used purely for video conferencing or is there other traffic bridged on this SM?



Direction of bluring is also needed. From the specific clients perspective. Its important to know if this client sees a clear image or a blurred image and what the other participants see.
What is the data link ti this tower like? Youve indicated 33mbps but is that total available or used? What is the backhaul contention like? How many hops to each conference client? Are you trying to hairpin the connection through the same AP?

Realtime video is not like standard web acces and though like voip its not homogeneous enough to have good dscp settings. We need to know a lot more about your networks basic design and the current client request and deployment choices before we can give any kind of good advice short of, give them 25mbps up and down and see what happens.