Video Contest 3Q 2016: My Best Shot

It's time to brag about your network. Share a video on the connection you are most proud of: the  most difficult install, the longest range, the one with the highest interference, the one with the most uptime - whatever you want. Post the video on your best wireless link with Cambium Networks equipment to this thread in September, and have a chance to win Cambium equipment. Submit your videos from September 01 - September 30.

Prizes for the September2016 contest:

  • First Place:  PTP 650 link + Branded Gear
  • Second Place:  PTP 450 link + Branded Gear
  • Third Place: ePMP PTP Force 180 or 200 link + Branded Gear
  • Fourth Place: Branded Gear

Here’s how the contest works:

  • The contest topic is announced mid-July (today) and the discussion thread is opened. Network operators begin planning and creating their videos.
  • Network operators can start posting links to their videos on September 01 through September 30, 2016 to this thread. You must be a member of the Community to post, and anyone can join the Community HERE.
  • Winners will be determined by the number of Kudos given by Commuity SuperUsers and Cambium Networks members to each submitted video. The winner will be announced in October 2016.
  • In the event of a tie, multiple prizes will be awarded. For example, if there is a three way tie for first place, three first place prizes will be awarded, and the next highest submission will receive a fourth place prize.
  • Winners will need to send in source video files to redeem their prizes.


  • Cambium Networks employees are not eligible to submit videos for the contest. Cambium Networks partners and resellers are eligible to participate in the contest.
  • All photos and videos must be original and not violate copyright.
  • You can enter as many videos as you like. An individual customer can only win one prize per contest.
  • By entering the Contest, you grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide non-exclusive license to use your video in any way related to this contest or in the promotion of Cambium Networks, and its products or services. You also agree that you are not entitled to any royalties or other compensation or get your approval in connection with any use made by Cambium Networks.
  • Cambium Networks reserves the right to change contest rules and guidelines.

This week I helped our construction team install three 450i APs and a 650 PTP back-haul.

Tower time


Here's my video!

We mounted a PTP 650 30km link some weeks ago, and here's a video I created using GoPro footage from our technicians!

Turn up the volume and press play! :-)

We launched the  Cambium E400/E500 in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago.  A local web server was set-up an allowed more than 70 participants to stream Cambium Videos, download product brochures and view the CCTV set-up within the vicinity.  This innovative way of "unboxing" the product allowed the participants to experience what it's like to use the CnPilot.  As our event tagline promised users will "Get more out of WiFi".

This AVP captured the success of the event.


After battling 9 months of heavy RF interference (both co-location and co-channel), we installed an ePMP 2000 AP to service the north end of town. This video documents the problem and the install of ePMP 2000 - with a little help from ePMP Man...


Nice work.  Hoping you can get some signal on the south end of town, too!  We're anxiously awaiting options other than Comcast.


Thank you everyone for your submissions. Voting by Cambium  employees and our Community SuperUsers is underway and we will announce the winners on Friday.


Congratulations to the winners of our 3Q contest:

  • First Place:  AU Wireless - PTP 650 link + Branded Gear
  • Second Place:   giuseppe4 - PTP 450 link + Branded Gear
  • Third Place: jairus - ePMP PTP Force 180 or 200 link + Branded Gear
  • Fourth Place: junideleon - Branded Gear

Please contact us at solutions@cambiumnetworks to arrange for your prize to be shipped.

Be sure to check out the new contest "Be My Guest".


Thank yooooouuuuu! 

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Thanks! The PTP will be put to good use.