Video Streaming Over 5.7 Ghz SM-AP Canopy Advantage

Hello there,

I am setting up a video streaming link for a customer.

I have two IP cameras connected to a switch which is connected to a canopy advantage 5.7GHz SM module. The other end of the link is a 5.7GHz. Canopy Advantage AP module, standalone, configured to generate sync.

The SM-AP link is separated by approx. 3 metres distance in the workshop.

I have the link set to run on one frequency, performing a link test shows that the RSSI and jitter are more than acceptable, but the throughput is lowsly, here are the average ping times for the following scenarios:

ping from pc to SM over SM-AP link(no downstream ethernet connection from SM): 21 ms

ping from pc to SM over SM-AP link (with switch connected to SM): 22ms

I would have thought that the ping time should have been much faster ?

The PC is a new Dell PC with a HP switch on the PC end.

I think the problem is canopy related but i am not sure ?

The data will be streaming from the SM to the AP once i can get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated.



I may have answered my own question, i have changed the configuration from Software scheduling to Hardware scheduling, no i can get ping returns of around 6 ms instead od 20 ms plus and no can stream data reasonably well over the link.

Thinks in advance for your help.