Video Surveillance with ePMP 2000 webinar - Oct 20th 2016

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Here's the recording of the Video Surveillance with ePMP 2000 webinar from Oct 20th, 2016.




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I very much enjoyed this presentation. Very informative. I hope you do more.

My company (PAC Engineering) has deployed your products in a condominium complex in Las Vegas. We want to expand it from 3 SM to about 30 but are still working on getting the reliability better. There are some line-of-site issues as the complex is on a slope and the buildings on the outer boundries are shielded from the central point (where the AP antennas are mounted) by other buildings. 

Your technicians are doing a really find job helping us out. In particular Chris Fikert and  Vijayakumar GVijayakumar. I just wanted to compliment them on their support.

Best regards,

Craig Claytor

PAC Engineering

858 735-1829