Video System Problems Resolved

We have a Vicon IP video system with various SMs and two APs at an industrial site. Over the past few months the video has been tearing, getting worse and worse. We would have to reset the APs to get the system back up and running. We were sure it was a Vicon issue, as some of their faqs address a tearing issue. It had gotten so bad the system was virtually unusable.

When I finally got around to checking my throughput I found that we had about 1.6mbps downlink from the AP to the SM that connects to the Vicon node. WTF!? No wonder the video was tearing like crazy. The distance between the AP and SM was only about 200 yards.

We used the find frequency tool on the AP and found massive interference on the channels where our system was located. Unbeknown to us, another vendor had come in and was installing five Ubiquiti PTP links for other cameras at the facility and were slagging our system.

We moved and it cleared things up, for the most part. This caused us a lot of wasted time and grief. Grrr.

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