View/Edit Device Template Configuration cloud cambium

buenas tardes, perdi el acceso a mi ap epmp y estoy tratando de usar la opcion de cloud cambium para subirle una configuracion diferente ya que le baje mucho la potencia al ap y ahora no enlaza, en la configuracion del ap existe una opcion en la que veo la configuracion actual del ap pero mi duda es porque no puedo editarla para aumentar la potencia ya que dice View/Edit Device Template Configuration lo cual lo entiendo como que se puede editar la configuracion actual que tiene, podrian apoyarme en este asunto, sin mas me despido, gracias

You can edit the configuration of your ePMP by creating a template and then applying that template to the device.  You can follow the below steps for template creation.

  1. On a test device configure the parameters you are interested in cofiguring with values that will be easy to search for.
  2. Export the device configuration. Via cnMaestro this is done by navigating to Configure -> Devices, selecting the device in the left-hand tree and then clicking the View Device Configuration link. This can also be done via the device web GUI, typically in the Administration or Operations section where there will be an Export button for configuration.
  3. View the configuration file in a text editor like Notepad++ and search for the values you entered in step 1. You can also search for the parameter name to try to find the correct lines.  Another option it to configure the value twice and export the configuration file each time.  Use a diff tool for those two files to see which parameter is changed.!/diff/ is one option for this.
  4. Remove all configuration you are not intersted in while maintaining the tree path to your parameters you want to keep.
  5. Optionally replace the values with replacement variable text. This will allow you to set the value per device.

Once you have the template text navigate to Configuration -> Templates in the left-hand menu.  Click the Add Template button and fill in the required fields.  Then copy the template you created from the above steps in the main text box and click Save.

You can now apply this template in the Configuration tab of your device.  It will appear in the drop down menu next to "Template" below the View Device Configuration link.  Click Apply Configuration to send the file to the device and update its configuration.

It is also possible to update multiple devices at a time with a single template by navigating to the Configuration tab at the System, Network or Tower level.

If you are having trouble creating a template you can post here or in the ePMP forum for assistance.