Vista Problems

Has anyone experienced problems with Vista Machines lately? We have noticed since last week a flood of problems with PC’s running Vista…The regular fixes are not working (disable IPV6, toggling the broadcast flag…ect…) Even installing a router does not correct the problem…Radios and links look good and this is happening in several AP’s…The problem started about two weeks ago???

Are you experiencing issues with connectivity altogether (ie: nslookup and ping does not produce results)?

We’ve come across issues where IE just seems to be “broken” on Vista (I’ve come across this on my home connection which is a cable modem from another provider, so I knew it wasn’t something we were doing wrong internally). Switching the customer to Firefox resolved the issues there.

Haven’t heard anything from the support guys on this.

What sort of problems are your customers reporting? Does ping to IP addresses work? What other troubleshooting have you done?

Turned up a DNS problem…seems to be working now…

Thanks for everyone’s replies