VLAN and interferances

hi all,
i am having problems with my VLAN connections which we have made and i want help help help…
the installation and configuration was done perfect and the customer was given an ip 172.18.206.x and the gateway to be used in one of the branches and consequent change of range in ‘x’ for these branches. but when the connect is initiated and a ping was made, the system will operate for some time and then it will start to break. i don’t know whether it is interferance or the length of cable which is about 30 meters or… i guess i am confused and my boss is on my back for this job please can someone help me please.

before i forget this the radios are on bridge mode with ips set at 192.168.100.y where ‘y’ is any number other than 1(one)

please members i need your help very urgently.

When you say the customer was “given” an IP of 172.18.206.x, I take this to mean via DHCP? When pings are returning, can you browse?

Are you sure the RF link is stable? What does the RF link test look like? Try running the SM in 1X.

The radio IP’s will have zero bearing on your ping tests. One suggestion though, don’t use 192.168.100.x for the radio management IP’s as that is a very overused range. Better to use 10.0.x.x/16 for management IP’s so you know that only AP’s, SM’s, BH’s, and CMM’s are on those IP’s.

Do a search for IP Addressing in the forum, there are a couple of good examples of scalable addressing schemes.

hi jerry thanks for your opinion but this was what we did, 172.18.206.x, which are the PCs, was mapped to the ip 192.168.100.y of a specific radio which is in bridge mode that is disabling NAT in the SM.
this system was not made to browse, so no DNS is require. it was made to link 2(two) offices in other for one office to access the database of the other.

the RF link is stable.

what i am thinking is that, probably it is because of the cable length, quality of cable i don’t know what to say…

what i will be doing today, i will change the cables to shielded cable.

NOTE: also what i found out yesterday was that the LAN icon on the task bar keeps UNPLUGGING AND CONNECTED CONTINUOUS UNTIL I HAVE TO REMOVE THE POE(power pack) AND PUT IT IN ANOTHER PORT ON THE SWITCH

please jerry the mapping was done on the 3COM switch

Are you saying that replacing the POE adapter fixed the problem?

My suggestion to not use 192.168.100.x was just a suggestion. Map any way that works for you. My preference is to stay away from 192.168.x.x for network mapping.

NO, jerry replacing the POE adapter DOES NOT solve the problem and we are still facing the problem.
what i was trying to say is that, on my laptop the LAN connection icon on the task bar switched between: CONNECTED AND UNPLUGGED continuously which makes the link break after a 25 minutes excellent link.

what i am asking is whether has to do with my configuration or is it interference

Probably not interference. I would say it’s one of the following:

1. Bad Ethernet cable. Try a known good cable and see what happens
2. Bad Ethernet jack on the radio
3. Radio is rebooting

thanks for your opinion, but we have change the quality of the cable but i don’t know probably shielded cable will be ok. i will try the shielded cable and then get back to you later.

the network icon on the laptop continuosly showing linked and unplugged could also be caused by a poorly earthed or faulty 300SS surge suppressor.

NOTE: also what i found out yesterday was that the LAN icon on the task bar keeps UNPLUGGING AND CONNECTED CONTINUOUS UNTIL I HAVE TO REMOVE THE POE(power pack) AND PUT IT IN ANOTHER PORT ON THE SWITCH

I ran into this problem during one install. It turned out that the POE adapter had bad pins. I know you said that you've already switched it out but check the current one again. We actually went through 2 or 3 POE adapters before we found a good one and established a steady connection.

thanks for your ideas but this is what i finally found out:
when i NAT the SM and then used it to browse, their was no problem since i isolate the radio from the company’s network but when i add in their network
the go out again. so i found out that their were virus on their network.

i want to clean their network and see what will happen