VLAN Canopy 7.3.6 problem


I’d like to ask a question.

When we having VLAN enable the option All Local SM Management at the AP should be disabled???

Is this parameter affecting the tagging procedure???

I looked the other posts about vlan but no one says anything about this one parameter!

My problem is that i can not have a VLAN between a host behind a l2 switch and a host behind the SM.

The tagging procedure is going fine but the AP is filtering the packets and drops them. I can ping the SM but not the host behind the SM from the other host that transmits on the same VLAN. And from the host behind the SM i can not ping anything, its like the AP drops all the packets. I looked every configuration parameter and the only one that i did not understood was tis one.

Can anyone explain to me what this parameter is and how it works???

Thanks a lot.

The “All Local SM Management” parameter at the AP should be left as Enable. Supposedly keeping this parameter as Disable will lock out the web interface for all SMs. If I remember correctly, we were told at training that there is no good reason to Disable this option unless you want to override all of your SMs (attached to that AP of course).

I have figure out the problem with my VLAN, and it was on my switch…

The documentation that was available for my switch does not define all the parameters of the Port Vlan configuration.

Thanks for the help. but i still not know what is this canopy parameter “All Local SM Management”.