vlan gateways and guest issue

Hello all  I am new to cambium and  have a question regarding configuration on CNMaestro and APs .

I have deployed WIFI network using cnMaestro cloud.

I am using 15 cnPilot425e APs and 2 cnPilot505e APs.

All the cnPilot425e are in an AP group called indoor and all of the cnPilot505e in AP group called outdoor.

I am using a VLAN for management and enterprise (VLAN1), and A (VLAN200) for guest access through cnMaestro guest portal using VOUCHERS.

On all access points I have configures for VLAN1 static IP address through APs configuration on a network and for VLAN 200 I am using my routers DHCP for

The DCHP server for both network (VLAN1 and VLAN200) clients is located on a third-party router.

When I am checking   cnMaestro tab, AP GROUP INDOOR->APNAME->DETAILS->NETWORK INFO

I see the following table on IPV4 routes :                       UG     0    VLAN1                    U       0     VLAN1                   U        0    VLAN1                   U        0    VLAN200

  • I am facing a problem with VLAN200 when the internet connection disconnects even for a short period 1-2 minutes the clients on VLAN1 do not even notice the disconnection but clients on VLAN200 are getting in the mobile devices a message no internet connection even for 25 minutes period. Why is that happening.
  • The above IPV4 route table means that both networks are using as a gateway the If this is the case can I configure the network to use another route/gateway for internet?

Hi gkourm,

I recommend cross-posting this on the cnPilot Enterprise forum as well to increase visibility since this deals with a combination of cnPilot Enterprise and cnMaestro.