VLAN help

Hello Guys, I am new to the RF and scratching my head to set the network establish. I have 1AP5700 and 2 SM5700(Motrola)

I have two clients and I have to give link to two of the clients, the setup is with 1AP and 2SM and I think it’s best to create VLAN to avoid collision of two different traffics. How to create VLAN on these RF devices. Is there any external device come into picture as Layer3 Switch or Router or DHCP servers? From where this AP and SM will get the IP address…?

For eg: AP( I have to give SM1( & SM2(…

Can you help me in creating this network…I am totally new and Blank

There's a LOT to setting up these networks "the right way", I suggest you pop over to the documentation page and review the PMP-100 Solutions Guide. It's located here: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp100/

You don't necessarily need VLANs to segregate customers - there's a feature called SM Isolation that does the trick.