vlan high priority

Is it possible to assign high priority channel to separate vlan?

The idea is all our costumers to make PPPoE connections, have voip phones, and all voip traffic to be prioritized on vlan level.

An SM can only tag traffic to a single VLAN, so doing VLAN-tagged-flows based on application is not possible w/ Canopy.

It is regular practice to allocate a subnet(s) per-VLAN. You may consider doing different priorities based on different subnet IP ranges. This should be relatively trivial in your router.

You CAN do TOS bits in Canopy on different types of IP traffic, to ensure QOS in the Canopy last mile… Maybe someone in the forums has some real world experience with that, I don’t…

That is not what I need. I want to prevent broadcast storms, and the PPPoE looks like the perfect solution for that, combining the adequate filters. BUT if some AP is overloaded all the priorityzation is good for nothing. It has to be done on AP-SM level.

Also high priority managed by prizm isn’t going to do much help. If costumer is using for example p2p and wants to make voip call the SM can’t determine what is voip traffic. I can’t tell the costumers to cut all the traffic when they are on the phone.