VLAN Management Question for BH


Hoping someone can help me with this VLAN question. Here is my setup:

[Cisco 3550] – [Canopy CMM] – [Canopy BH (MASTER)] <--------AIRLINK-------> [Canopy BH (SLAVE)] – [MT 450G]

There is a /30 that connects the Cisco 3550 to the MT 450G. This /30 is a VLAN interface on both the Cisco and the MT 450G. Connectivity works. The problem is with the management interface of the Canopy BH Slave that is connected to the MT. I need to carry both the /30 and the management IP of the BH Slave (RFC 1918) space into ether1 of the MT. I cannot get this working. I have tried creating a new VLAN interface on the MT on ether1 for a management network ( and given the BH Slave an IP address on this VLAN. I also set the “Management VID” of the BH Slave to this VLAN.

With this configuration, I still cannot access the management interface on the Canopy BH Slave. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

One note - the link between the 3550 and the CMM is a trunk, carrying both the /30 VLAN and the Management VLAN for the Backhaul master. Management VID is configured on the BHM. With this being said, it may be more of a Mikrotik issue, but I’m not sure.


Nevermind, got it working.

Added another VLAN to the MT ether1 interface, in addition to the one that carrys the /30. Configured the Management VID on the BH to this ID. I swear I tried this before, but it seems to be working fine now.