VLAN Mapping on the AP side for ePMP/PMP450i

I'm not sure if this is possible to implement, though in our network we have a number of different management and data VLANs, different ones for each tower. Installers carry documentation to assist them, though in the interest of reducing complexity and potential for errors, I thought it would be useful if it was possible to configure VLAN mapping on the AP. 

For example, you could tell installers "Always use VID 10 for management and VID 11 for data", but behind the scenes you could configure the APs on one site to translate VID 10 to that site's management VLAN (Ex: 1000) and translate VID 11 to the site's data VLAN for DHCP/PPPoE access (Ex: 1111). It would allow for a single radio to be used anywhere in the network assuming a management IP is assigned with DHCP. We would also be able to apply a baseline configuration on new CPEs at the offce that would work "out of the box" no matter where the installer is headed that day.