VLAN not Configure-able in SM 7.3.6 (classic)

I’m currently setting up my SM so it could tagged everything comes from ethernet interface into VID=2 (untagged VID=2). I also add VID 2 to vlan membership in canopy classic SM. Then as usual, I leave Management VID=1, save and then reboot.
The strange thing is, after the reboot, nothing changes, in “vlan configuration pages” active configuration always shows that"untagged VID=1, Management VID=1" than it should be; "untagged VID=2, Management VID=1"
have anyone had any experiences on this? I’m confused…


NB: Canopy AP works just fine passing VLAN ID

the freakin’ canopy SM shigidy wigidy vlan finally solved… the d**n thing must be configured via LUID…

Thanks anyway…

Insan :smiley: