Vlan problem with streaming devices

Hello all,

I have a very weird problem:

I have created a vlan300 network.

In this network i can’t connect my iphone with denon HEOS streaming speakers. They are seen by the HEOS app, but i can’t play internetradio over the speakers.

I have created another vlan900 network, and tried this out: same problem.

If i use the default network vlan1, everything works perfectly…

The setup of the network:

Ubiquiti Edgerouter 4 with NO firewall rulles of any kind.
EX2052P cambium switch (4.2.1-r5)
2 x XV2-2(

What can be wrong here?



Hi Frank, you are running very old fw on the XV2-2 so I would recommend downloading version 6.4.1-r15 from our Cambium Support site and installing that. Also, if you can please send me a tech-support logs from the XV2-2 APs and the switchport configuration for the switchports that the XV2-2 APs are attached to.Please send these to gary.hansen@cambiumnetworks.com . BTW, what vlan is your HEOS streaming speakers on and do you know if Bonjour protocol is used to discover the speakers? Thanks.