VLAN questions

I am having problems getting a VLAN to work over a 2.4 ver 7.2 system. The customer needs a VLAN and he has set up his equipment but cannot get through. He can ping the remote location but when he sends info the signal goes through but does not come back. He has a computer set up to a hardware VLAN=> a wireless router with VOIP=> Hardware firewall=> and then out to the Canopy SM which then goes through our network and out through a Cisco 2500 router. My question is if this is our problem or his and is there any AP or SM config’s that I should check.

P.S. He has good internet connectivity and his VOIP works great. The Sector is set up with a High Priority channel set at 10%.

Any answers would be appreciated

An IEEE 802.1Q VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) is a layer-2 protocol. A VLAN can be terminated in a router, but can’t traverse a router.

Do you instead mean a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? A VPN is a layer-3 protocol; it works by encapsulating an encrypted TCP/IP packet inside another TCP/IP packet. A VPN can, potentially, either be terminated within a router or traverse through a router.