Vlan questions

So, I am interested in setting up vlans on our network. I have never done vlans or even played around with them. I will kinda describe our network and maybe some of you can help me with an ideal solution on the setup.

Fiber backone come into an image stream router running enterprise linux on eth0

eth1 connects to connects to dell power connect 3434.

Trango BH connects to the same power connect 3434 as well as our mail dhcp ect… on the same switch.

Other end of the trango connects to our primary tower into the CMM

From there all our towers are linked via canopy backhauls with cmm micros or so.

IP of our network.

Management of all BH’s and AP and Cmms are setup as 172.18.0/16
RF interfaces of the APs are or so on.

Each tower is seperated like so.

Tower 1
AP 1
AP 2

Tower 2
AP 1

Would I need switchs on the towers for vlans? Will just the main switch at the office work?

What I would like to do, is have the towers seperated by vlans as well as the customers connected to them.

What would be an ideal solution?

U have to use a switch in each tower and it will permit to separate in vlans each AP.

In each node u have to use a switch and connect the cable of ur cmm micro in the port of the sw.
However remember that u have to enable the vlan configure and the dinamic learning enable in each AP to take a vlan.

I think that its ur problem.

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