VLAN setup question

We currently have no VLANs set up in our network. What we are looking to do is have the SM management be on a separate VLAN then the Customer traffic. Having the management traffic of the SM be on VLAN 10 for example but have untagged customer traffic still come through like normal. My question is how do you set it up in the AP and SM to accomplish this end result?


It’s not my intention to sound snotty but this question has been answered many times in several ways. The manual actually details how to get this done but it can be a tad confusing for a Canopy VLAN first-timer, so make sure to check out the other VLAN threads here.

If you’re going to be switching over to VLANs the best action is to move everything. Your customer data will end up on a tagged VLAN as well as your management. The CPEs have the ability to tag/untag frames for the customer VLAN as frames move through the ethernet port.

Good luck!


I did read the manual and it was very confusing, thus why I posted here. I also posed on the afmug list and got the answer to my question.